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Sunday, October 9, 2011



Our Balloon Pile!
Another sleepover. Last night my cousin, Brittney slept over at my house after the busy day before. We had both of my sisters parties.

Instead Of A Cake At Kata's Party We All Made Cupcakes!
Katarina, the youngest turned 8 and had a very successful bug party. My mum and I organized the party with help from my dad and other sister Elizabeth who turned 10 and had a great disco party! Katarina's party was great and almost everyone turned up. They played pass the parcel and keep the balloon off the ground along with pin the stinger on the bee. There were fun bug related prizes and I think all the kids enjoyed the time! Next up was Elizabeth's party. Her disco party went well. The games played were well done and the party was good. All the kids who came their time!! 2 parties in 1 day was very busy but good because it was all over and done with! That night our cousin stayed over seeing as her younger sister came earlier for Katarina's party! Today we are at our grandma's house keeping her company! Tomorrow we will be going back to school for the last term of this year! Then I will be starting high school. YES!!!
BALLOON FIGHT (Brittney-Left, Me-Right)


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