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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Busy With Sleepovers

Well that was a busy time. I have had two sleepovers in a row. First was with my grandma, and then with my friend. At my grandma's house I had fun and we had ravioli for dinner. The next day we went shopping for our Christmas presents, even though it's a little early! We thought that before all the super Christmastime presents came in we would go and chose our presents now and at Christmas we would get them! Then that day I went to my friends house and we watched some movies, we watched, Mean Girls 2 which was funny and Yours, Mine and Ours which was also funny. It was about 2 people a, who wanted to get married and each one had kids. The girl had 10 and the man had 8. They ended up with 18 fighting kids. They fought so much to break up their new parents but as soon as the Dad needs to leave for a military ship they decide they should be a family and the dad leaves his ship to come home! The day after we went down and played outside and then walked around the local street! 

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