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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catching Up

Over Flowing
There hasn't been too much going on around my house but I thought I could just write a post about how everything is going. 

School: At School I have to make a musical instrument for music class, I looked at 4 different ones and two were actually new instruments. I looked at a tambourine because it would be reasonably easy and able to be decorated, a pan flute because it has a good sound and would be fun to make and then the two made up ones. First was based on a set of newton balls which is a frame with balls hanging, you pull the end and the energy travels through the rest and causes the end one to glide through the air and back down knocking the last one over and over again. So I thought if I extended the frames and hung keys of pipe to make chimes on either end, that when you pull the newton balls it would hit the chimes and make a noise. The second made up one, was to attach bells on a pan flute so you could still blow through it and also jiggle it around like a tambourine! In the end I chose a tambourine!

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