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Saturday, August 13, 2011


As you may have read from my "Holidays" post you would know that I went to a gold mine. I have now gone again with my school and to the discovery centre, in the local area! First the 5/6 unit had to be at the train station by 8:00am! Then we would catch the train at 8:12 to the gold mine. When we got there we travelled 61m below the surface and started to explore. We went down an elevator which was great and looked all around and learnt lots of interesting facts. We had split up into 3 groups so it was easy to get down safely and not be all crammed into the small tunnel underground. By small I mean width! We found out that in that same mine they held 8 different weddings but everyone had to wear the hard hats until they got into the right room! Then we went down to the Discovery Centre. It was very interesting and there were heaps of different things you could do. There was a theramin which makes different sounds depending on how you use your hands and you can even play different songs using it by just waving your hands in the air! There was also a tube that when you spoke into echoed your voice. A box with mirrors and a plate of fruit making it look very effective if someone put there head in a hole where the plate of food is circling around. There was also a thing where you sat on a chair with a rope and got to pull your self up and a big xylophone that when you stepped on a key it would make the noise come out a long metal tube. HEAPS of others. Then there was the vertical slide, you had to hold onto a bar and then be dropped down and slide for a while. We had to wear funny suits that were too big and extremely slippery! Then we caught the train back to the station and were picked up by our parents!

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