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Sunday, March 6, 2011

School Schoalrship

Yesterday I went to a school scholarship test around the area to good to get a place in a very good school!!! They had 4 different tests that went for 2 different times. 1&4 went for 25mins and they were both writing tests. The 1st one was there was a picture of button saying PUSH TO EXIT and I think I wrote a pretty god story in 25mins! The last writing test had a sentence. "It wasn't funny at the time but it is now!!" That test was pretty easy and I put a few stories into one. The middle 2 went for 40mins. The second one was a humanities test and that was very easy. It was probably because we did alot of practise tests on line! Then after the second one we had a 15 minute break and the school provided us food and drink. YUM! Then it was back to testing. The 3rd one was a mathematics and science test which was a bit tricky!! I don't know when we get the results but I think I did well.
I will also write my story that I did as a practise test!

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