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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Yesterday it was a very tiring Easter Sunday. An early start and a busy day. In the morning I found a delicious chocolate rabbit with some eggs and an Easter Chick. It was delicious. I haven't eaten the Easter Bunny yet though!! Later in the day, at about 10:30 I was on the radio talking about what we usually do on Easter Sunday which is going down to my Oma's house, having an Easter egg hunt, some lunch and doing some arts and crafts! It is great fun and alot of work. In the arts my cousins, sisters and I painted some hard boiled eggs and some chine ones. It's great fun. My sister also made up a little activity booklet and I made up some iris folding kits. We also rode the horses and then the hunt was on. There were 36 eggs all together and we got 6 each. YUM!! We also watched a few videos that my sisters and I had made. After all that we all just had a bit of rest and some of the kids went back out to ride the horses and relax for a little while. After a while we started to head home! In the end it was a great day with lovely weather.
If you would like to check out on how to do iris folding, have a look at this link...    

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