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Saturday, October 29, 2011


How is everyone?
I am good and a busy weekend has crept up on me. Today I will be going to the cinemas with my friends for a birthday party. Ten grade 6 girls are meeting at my friend Mikaela's house and will be going to the movies. On Sunday we will be having a Halloween Celebration at my Oma's house. We are having it the day before Halloween so on the Monday we can go Trick Or Treating. I will be going with a few of my friends down the road. I will be dressing up as nothing in particular but having a French braid up the back of my hair tied in a bun and having a "spider" in my hair. Really just some pipe-cleaners and something to make a spiders face. For the Halloween Party 

That's the look. I found this website after looking for graduation hairstyles and came across this one, obviously NOT for graduation!! Click Here for the link to Princess Hairstyles! It's a great for tweens and young girls.. Click on Halloween and find the one of a little girl with a cute braid and spider in her hair.

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to seeing how 'The Spider' turns out. :)


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