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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party

On Sunday I went to the    Halloween party. When I got there the costumes were  great. It's only my family who goes. Our Oma, aunties and uncles and our cousins. I dressed up as a witch and some funny comments and faces were shown towards me!! Especially by my sisters. When we arrived at the party there was a nice place set up, even eyeball lollies made out of marsh mellows, red gel and a black lolly in the middle. It was very spooky.

 First off we played some games, one wasn't really a game but more of a contest for the best costume and I won! I dressed up as a witch and it took a long time to wipe off all the make-up from my face. Some of the other games were eating the doughnut off the string (with out your hands) and another one not using your hands, bobbing for apples, and ANOTHER one with out using your hands, there is icing sugar on a plate with jelly beans hidden inside and you have to use your mouth to dig them out and then eat them. We also played spooks, snakes, spiders. That was fun and then last we made some spiders out of pom-poms and pipe-cleaners. Afterwards we ad dinner, watched a movie, lit some sparklers and then it was time to go home!

On Monday we went to another party and went trick or treating. We went to heaps of houses and got lots of lollies. Some houses were decorated really well and had Halloween things everywhere and one house was really scary because the man dressed up as a vampire and his 'pet', or so he calls it opened the door very slowly with a monster costume on and just when you think, this isn't that scary he opens the door and shouts out at you!! It was pretty funny. We should have seen it coming because there were signs everywhere reading, Danger, Beware Of Monster and Enter At Own Risk!! Then we walked back down to the party and just played on the flying fox and special swings. I built a huge tower with my friends younger sister and it was really good and stable because it kept going on taller than me and was very close to touching the roof! When we left we had to walk back tot the car on the cold and dark night but we had a great time over the Halloween time.
I would also like to say my sister has a blog and not many people are interested, if you are interested the link is here

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