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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Show Day

Hello Everyone,
Last Friday, last Friday of the school term it was the annual show day. It started off with the pet parade. Everyone brings in a dog, a bird, a cat, a sheep, a horse etc.!! Then they would walk around the schools oval showing off and playing t=with their animals. If you don't have a pet or don't want to bring one (like me) you can bring a toy. I brought a koala puppet! It was the only thing       I could find in a rush!! 

After that which goes for half and hour or so we move onto the exhibits. The hole school had been working on something to do with our theme. Country/Farms. Grades Prep-4 were working on 2D art such as drawings. The grade 5's and 6's get to create 3D pieces.  

Next it was time to go inside, our class just relaxed and packed up quickly for the rest of the term. We didn't do much but sit down and have a chat with our friends. After that it was play time. That's just like any other day and was pretty fun! Next the years 5 and 6 went over the road to a block of land our school owns. We played games all earning points leading up to the final prize! 1st up was the wheel barrow races, my team did quite well, as other teams had a few tumbles!! It was then time for the egg and spoon races or spoon and tennis ball races! We dropped a few but hid it from the people watching. That was it and then it was lunch.

This is they best part of the day. We could buy everything, there were stalls set up all over the netball court with hot pies and sausage rolls. Hot dogs and sausages. Cordial, dim sims and ice-cream. The lolly stall, full of delicious treats. 
Whilst it was still last play most of the school joined in on a big game of soccer. It was 5 and 6 v the rest of the school. Because we've had more experience and we kick harder a few kids ended up with some injuries but the game still went on. The final score was 3-1 but we only had about 25 minutes to play! Then we all went inside and relaxed again until it was time to go home at 2:30.

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