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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Athletics & Softball

A few weeks ago my school was doing some sport. We did Athletics as well as a softball day. They were both on separate days. First up was athletics, we caught the bus down to the stadium type thing!!! There were all different events such as jumps, high jump, long jump, triple jump and hurdles. Track events- 100m sprint, 200m, 800 and the furthest, 1500m. The field events were discuss  and shot-put. Plus a relay which was held at the end. I was in a relay, high jump, triple jump and 200m. I got =4th in high jump! 5th in 200m, 5th in the relay and 1st in triple jump. Because I came 1st I move onto the zones which are in October. That is when I compete against all the different areas who came first in triple jump Quite a few people from my school got in zones and will be catching the bus there. 
Softball- We caught the bus just like athletics to the field. The mixed team and the girls team split up and went off to their games. The girls won their first game lost the second and third and lost but not by far to the best team in the area. There is no more competing for another level and was just too have fun. I heard the boys won 3 and lost 1. That was a better day for them. Softball is a bit like base ball and is very fun. During the day we got hot chips and lots of lollies! In both sporting events we had a great day out. I would also like to thank S.J Young for passing on a blog award. THANK-YOU!!!

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