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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Netball-FINAL DAY!!

Yesterday was a big day (For Netball). At first we got all ready in the morning so we could be at netball my 11:00 for training but when we got there we found out that netball actually started at 12:00, a whole hour to wait. Whilst we were waiting we went to the park and had a snack. Then we got back to netball and did some training but our coaches didn't show up for the whole game! So the other teams coach helped. Seeing as we were playing later she could stay around to help. We didn't have the best game like last year as we won our last game but, we did get 1 to like 15!! But I was pretty happy because I shot that 1 goal!! But the other team was very good!! After the game we had an awards ceremony and got a medal, chocolate and soft drink!! But in a few weeks we are having a day where an Australian netball team is coming to sign autographs and give out the best and fairest awards!! That will be pretty cool and the team will also be answering questions and hanging out with all of us. But not the whole team is coming, I think it's just a few players. That will be happening in a few weeks to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our netball suburb!! After netball on Saturday we went to a house and mum and dad went and looked at some antiques for sale and the whole house was pretty much full of them!! Then we went home and relaxed a bit for the rest of the day. Whilst our weekend was going my sister Elizabeth had been at camp the whole time and will be coming home tomorrow.

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  1. The visit from the Netball team should be fun! Maybe you should take your ball to get signed? Along with your t-shirt?

    Great job on shooting The Goal. :)


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