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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Wow, Our holidays just finished last week. We were at home playing the Wii, for quite a bit of them. We also went out and did some other things, but we saved the best thing for last! Just while I am here I was wondering the other day I was wondering why it was called "Wii", I soon found out, it means we, as in a multilayer game, the 2 i's representing 2 people playing side by side. We played alot of games on the Wii over the holidays because it was new and all of the kids were excited. We also spent some time at home and went out for lunch or to see our grandparents. We also did alot of other regular things such as watching T.V playing at home and jumping on the trampoline. We also had sort of a party with all the kids in our family in my bedroom with music, lava lamps (homemade), disco ball or disco cylinder (also homemade). It was easy to make. All we did was get a black piece of paper, folded it up, cut out little holes on the creases and covered them with different colours of cellophane and stood it up on a box (just on the edges) and inside the box we rested a very bright torch and it looked really cool. We also performed a magic show for mum and dad which was so fun and really exciting. But we saved the best thing for last. See, at school we have been studying the gold rush, and at school we had booklets teaching us to use old fashioned writing. Which I now use in my school work!! We also tried to at least every day of term 2, try to write a diary entry. We based it on 2 things. Our teacher put up the temperature for the day and the scenario. It might say something like (in detail) Lola Montez the famous dancer is coming to town. The tickets cost 10pounds and so on...Or maybe Miners are putting together a fort for the Eureka stockade and anything about what was going on at the time. And then everyone got their own scenario card that said gold strike-double today's gold finds, or mine collapse lose 2 days of work, or gonna eats your food must go shopping tomorrow, or some sort of disease, neighbour dies leaves you 10oz of gold and all sorts of crazy things. We have to pick out out scenario card each day and turn it in to sort of a story. We also reached in a box with the amount of gold we earn, if we go to that bank to turn gold into pounds or buy food or something we can only mine for half a day!! The little yellow card tells us how much gold we received. Like 2,5,7,10,12,15,20 and 25oz, which ever one we get we double it if we don't go out, but if we do we just leave it as it is. We record it each day and we have the assay price each day and the highest is 10 pounds. So if we were taking a weeks worth of gold and it was 80oz we multiply it by 10 to see how much money we earned. We also have a sheet with different assignments we can do and we need to do 7. I chose to make a piece of jewellery including the use of gold, make a miners licence, say how I may have felt if I had to leave home to go to the gold fields, create a diarama of a town, Invent a new use for gold and draw some mining tools!! Then we had a day where we dressed up and did some out-side activities, at the end of the day they announced the winners, I was one of them. I got my family a trip to the Bendigo Centeral Debborah Gold Mine. It was so cool. We got hard hats went down a lift. Learnt alot of new things and we saw it raining undergroud! Beacuse the rocks have moisture in them it just kept pouring down water. We turned of the torch on our hard hats off and couldn't even see our hands in front of our eyes! It was incredibly dark with out them. We even saw some LOUD machines. I think they nearly broke my ear-drums!! It was a great experience and a heap of fun!! PICS TO COME

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  1. You did a really great job on your gold assignments, you should be very proud of yourself! Going to the gold mines was fun, it was a great day out with the family :)


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