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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Plant Stall

I have been running a plant stall since the start of the year. I have received a fair bit of money from it so I would encourage any children to have a go and see what they can earn. I sell plants such as leeks, strawberries, nasturtiums, avocado and a few other types. I have some plants all stored in my mums green house which is very convenient. I have set it up on sort of a table with one wooden bench on the top and another on the bottom (but still a few inches off the ground) held up my some metal poles, it's spaced out quite well if I do say so my self!! I think mum and I have done a pretty good job and now that our family has had a tree come down on our land we are using the wood shavings to make a path way with bulbs we have planted in sort of a curvy path shape so when it has finished growing and the wood shavings are there it will look really cool. When I first opened my stall I used to (on the weekends) put out some fresh veggies or herbs. Or a bunch of flowers and eggs and different types of things that people might like to buy. We kept the eggs nice and cool in the esky. It's very fun and great to do. You may be wondering what we use to collect the money. Do I stand out their all day waiting? No, not really!! Actually not at all. I have a locked money box which we have tied to the stall and everyone is pretty honest and do put the money in with out taking off which is very good. If someone for some reason doesn't put the right amount which has NEVER happened I guess it would just be a bit of bad luck I guess. In the summer I need to water the plants pretty much everyday to keep them cool and not go completely dry. In winter it pretty much gets watered it's self from the rain and I very rarely have to go and water them.


  1. What a great idea! Any kids reading this should think about what they can do to earn some pocket money! well done Georgia!


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