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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chickens & Other Pets

I have some bad news that happened a while ago. I came home from netball training and my mum had said that all of our chickens were gone and no where to be found. All that we could see of them was a huge spread out pile of feathers all over the ground. Which was sad because one of the little chickens laid it's first little egg. It was so small and smoothe. Our ducks occasionally lay eggs buut none of our family know where. Any way mum thought that the chickens had been taken by the fox and she was definatly right. Later that night when mum was taking me to acting we saw a fox up near the fence coming back for another dinner. As soon as it saw the cars bright headlights it dashed away. We still don't know if it comes back any other night but we haven't seen it scince, which I guess is a good thing. We're still not sure if we should get more chooks in case the fox comes back but Dad says that he could fix the fence very well with cement and other materials. We're pretty lucky that the fox didn't try and get the goats when they were sleeping, but our goats are very tough and strong anyway. Well, at least we think they're strong because they've pretty much destroyed the only piece of shelter we made for them. But now they have moved on to a huge tree stump that they covered in furs to make sort of a couch! We are still trying to decide wheather to get more chickens or not, because we don't like to buy the eggs when we could have a perfectly good chook with a good and happy life laying eggs for the whole family!! Our cat Tiger is going very well though, considering how old she is she is acting like a kitten, jumping, sprinting around the house. We even have a set of cupboards with a huge whole for a stereo which we have, and she runs in the gap between the wood and the radio!! It is very funny to watch! Tiger also won't eat her food unless we sprinkle the tiniest bit of new food on. I just pretend to though by going to the pantry, sticking my hand in the dry food bag, moving it around pretending to get some, scine she always watches me I make a fist so it looks like I have food in my hand, race over to her bowl pick some of that up and by that time she's made her way over to watch me sprinkle "a new" bit of food when really it's just the same. But before I do all that she'll turn her nose up at it! Our ducks are having a good old time out in the rain, seeing as it is Winter, it rains a bit! They now get all the food scraps that used to go to the chooks!! Lucky Ducks!!

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  1. Lucky ducks indeed! It was so sad about the chooks but I've heard that quite a few people have had fox attacks this winter. Maybe in spring we might think about some more.

    Tiger is very funny, I agree. Her dinner routine is fussy to say the least. It's nice to see her racing around the house though. :)


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