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Friday, July 2, 2010

Beautiful Birds

The other day we had many visitors come to our house. Those visitors were some beautiful birds. We live in the country so we see many everyday but yesterday we some millions. We saw cockatoos, Rozella's, kookaburras, ducks and tons more. I got some great photos, especially of the cockatoos! They're are all so beautiful.

We don't usually see so many birds and if we did they are usually very hard to get a photo but they were so tamed even in the wild they didn't care if we came close. I didn't even use the zoom tool on my camera or on the computer and it only flew away after about 5 minutes.
The kookaburra was pretty hard to get a photo of not going near people very much. The kookaburra is on top of my mums green house which I helped her build. The kookaburras are sometimes my alarm clock in the morning because they are so loud.
We also get Rozella's on our bird house alot but they usually fly away if we get close so I was pretty lucky to get this picture. Again I didn't even have to zoom in.

We also have pet ducks so they were easy to get a photo of. We also have 3 other white ducks.

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  1. Wow Georgia - what a lot of birdlife!! Your photos were great, especially of the cockatoos. Sometimes but not often we get a kookaburra here, but usually just the galahs and cockatoos (sometimes they are the ones called corellas, which don't have the crest on top of their head), and of course lots of magpies.
    Love, Oma


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