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Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is my cat Tiger. When we got her she was found in junkyard before I was born. She was only a kitten then and not long after she had some babies of her own. One of their names was Clawd but he ran away.

Tiger loves to sleep, eat and drink and sleep,eat and drink! She loves being cuddled and always climbs on you when you writing,reading,watching T.V or writing on the laptop. It doesn't matter what your doing as long as your in a comfortable spot she'll pretty much think of you as a climbing wall.

She usually makes funny noises when she is hungry. Sometimes it doesn't even sound like she is meowing. Tiger is getting old now but she runs around as if she was a kitten. If she is in a frisky mood you will usually find her behind our radio, because we have a cupboard around it which the radio goes in, so Tiger can sneak in the gap, and that's where she usually is.
We call her Tiger because she a ginger colour!


  1. Hi!
    I like your cat. It's cute. We used to have two cats, a black one called Whiskers, and a tabby one called Ceasar.
    We don't have them any more though... They both died... (waa!)

  2. Sarah
    it's sad both your cats died. My little sister Elizabeth has a mini video of our cat on her blog


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