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Friday, November 11, 2011


About a week ago I arrived back home from a very tiring camp. We went down to the beach and stayed at the nearby scout camp! Although it was very fun everyone was tired out by the end of the 5 days. On Monday we got our stuff put on the bus and drove down to our camp. It took about 2 hours to get there.
 When we did arrive we put up or tents, got out our bags and lay down our sleeping bags. That day we also went down to the beach just to see what it was like! It was great. Over the days we went to the beach and played some games down there. We went on a great long hike for a few hours and afterwards relaxed a bit down at the beach. We also visited a light house and explored the rock pools and right off the edge we found a seal!! The seaweed was everywhere and it was called Neptune necklace. 
We also went to a rope course and had a time challenge and went to another place called challenge valley with all sorts of different activities to do outside! We were very lucky with the weather but one night there was a bit of a storm but everyone lasted through it! The toilets were awful because they were drop dunnies but the showers were great with nice hot water! 
All the things we did were really fun and on the hike there was a shoe cleaning place because the people who own the area didn't want a certain fungus to be spread! We also crossed a tiger snake breeding ground and walked along the cliffs. It was fantastic considering we had missed out on our other camp but that made up for it. 
We were going to go to another beach but that got flooded out earlier in the year and wasn't going to be a very pleasant trip! That was the first time out school has ever gone to that beach and we all enjoyed it. 


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