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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last night was the worst storm I have ever been in. Usually I am hearing about flood warnings and what to do and what not to, but this time I was in it. We were driving to the hospital to visit our grandpa who isn't doing to well and a storm came crashing down, we knew it would happen because it was pouring before we left and the only reason we went out in the flash flooding was because dad was prepared with a our wheel drive. If we had of had one of the smaller cars we would be staying inside. Before we were getting ready to leave the power kept going off and lightning strikes shot through parts of our house through the sky lights. Our cat was underneath a sky light when the crashing thunder and lighting struck, she looked up to see what was going on and ran out of that spot immediately. It was horrifying. We were literally driving through sort of a river about half a metre to a metre high. On the way home my dad had taken a different car to mum seeing as she was already at the hospital, dad and my sisters told us that they had almost gone off the road due to all this water. Mum and I were going to turn off a road when we found our selves stuck in extremely high water. It was hard but we managed to turn around and take a different route. The same thing happened on a bridge and if we got stuck there was only one way of getting out, pushing, but on both roads leading off the bridge they were steep and uphill. Luckily we got through. Throughout the entire drive water was constantly being bushed off the road from the tyres and onto the footpaths, grass and especially all over the car. When we got out to have dinner there were floods everywhere, and wearing my good open shoes didn't end well. I was saturated from just below my knees down. It was just bucketing down rain causing flash flooding all over the state. Sorry I couldn't get any pics, the camera would have probably been broken in that weather!!! It wasn't the best night out!

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