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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dresses From Countries Everywhere

Today I visited my Oma (She is Scottish) and I saw that she had some dresses from Scotland and Germany and I also had a new one mum had made me. It's really good and very green. I just love the big black buttons she has put on it. But anyway I decided to try on the kilt (Scottish) and the German dress and they look really good.

The German dress is my grandpas sisters because she was born in Germany and that's what they wear (Well the girls do anyway!!). The Scottish kilt was my Oma's kilt that she used to have and my mum also used to have one when she was a girl! The green one is the one mum made me just yesterday and I've already worn it alot. 


  1. I'm really pleased you like the dress, Georgia :) The Scottish and German clothes look great on you, too! Love Mum xx

  2. Hi Georgia: Didn't the photos come out well. You did a great job. And the green dress looks lovely on you - your mum is a clever cookie! The German outfit is called a Dirndl - if you have seenThe Sound of Music, the girls in it wear them sometimes. Love. Oma


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