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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Pets

Hi I am Georgia and these are my goats Muffin and Biscuit. Biscuit is on the left and Muffin is on the right. Muffin was too busy eating to look at the camera! They both used to jump over the fence into the neighbours property. It's a good thing he wasn't home! Now we put up an electric fence so they couldn't do that. We feed them every night and they're are always bouncing around wondering where their food is! Both of them like eating tree bark. One of our trees has a bit of pink all along the tree underneath the bark and when Muffing eats it and scratches herself (She does it with her mouth) she gets pink all over her body and it looks so funny. Now it looks like a huge pink rash all down her body. I also have 8 chickens. One of them is black and she is still young and is called Cutey. She was named by my little sister Katarina. We also have a grayish purply baby chook called Violet. (She has a funny hair style!) We had four old brown ones. Sadly one of them died. But the other 3 are still with us. When we got the two babies we also got 2 beautiful dark brown chooks. So that makes 7. The last one we saw wondering around the street for a while and our neighbour came up and said that his dog attacked so he gave it to us because he knew we loved chickens! At first our other old chooks teased her and were pecking at her but they're now starting to get along. It wasn't that long ago since we got her and now we can sometimes hold her. In the backround on the left of the picure you can sort of see a little perch mum made for them. It was very easy and good for the enviroment because we recycled and old swing that we had for years and it was all rusty and never got used. Mum also made them a little hut to lay their eggs. It is the red one with straw.

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