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Sunday, July 11, 2010



The other day it was an extremely windy night and we live in the country so we have alot of trees. We are very lucky one of them didn't fall on our house because there's one tree that if it did fall over it would fall on our living room :(  When I was in bed that night, all of a sudden I heard this huge bang and mum and dad were out-side looking around. 

A huge tree had fallen and broken our fence also blocking the driveway. It was extremely dangerous and big. It's trunk had fallen right on the nature strip (next to the road). 

But the next day when we had light we called up some people who could come and cut up the wood. Now we have stacks of fire wood and some is still in little piles on the drive way.

We were lucky because they came right away to clear it up. But the trunk was very easy to get out because they just ripped it. For a while they put a sign up about the tree trunk.

       It was pretty cool though because we saw people working in the cherry pickers.


  1. oh that does look scary. At least you have lots of firewood now.

  2. Yes
    We have a ton, I still can't believe some of the bigger trees didn't fall!


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